Pop and Culture #4

It is my own list about fourth wall breaking Characters hope it will make you enjoy…

5.dora the explorer: my most favourite childhood memorable character is “Dora” a tomboy each n every episode Dora break the 4 th wall with her monkey friend boots, she is interact with children’s through the childish questions…

4.Harley Quinn: And Deadpool Spend A good Chunk Of Time Talking Directly To The Audience In Some TV series And Comics Harley Quinn Break The Fourth Wall… Recently In BIRDS OF PREY Harley interact with audience

3.SHE HULK: in Marvel Comics Before DEADPOOL “SHE HULK” Break The Fourth Wall,She was one Of The Most Consistent Breakers Of The FOURTH-WALL in Comic Book History. Her Fourth wall Breaking Almost Exclusively Revolved Around The Work Of John Byrne’s On SENSATIONAL SHE-HULK,in #1-8 and #31-50

2.GWEN POOL :she is a combination of Gwen Stacy and dead pool, She is Such a Interesting Character Her Activites is Absolutely Like Deadpool, She Is Created Only For Fourth Wall Breaking And Make Funny,There is No Limit To Her Fourth Wall Breaking, She is Deconstruct The Fourth Wall With Happy Smile… She is Also Have a special Issues: Called“GWEN POOL UNBELIEVABLE BEYOND THE FOURTH WALL”

Honourable mention’s : the mask such a funny and energetic character for all, he also break the fourth wall,He has broken the fourth wall in only a few places in the movies but in the animated series lot of places and episode mask break the fourth wall


Finally The Don of fourth wall breaking 1.Deadpool : Deadpool IS A Clear And Best Example For Fourth Wall Breaking in a ComedicWay, The FIRST NOTABLE TIME That Deadpool broke the fourth wall WAS IN Deadpool #28,Deadpool Often Uses His Ability To Break the Fourth Wall For Funny Effect And To Explain Current Situations To The Reader, Of Whom No One Else In The Comic Is AWARE.He Is Break The Fourth Wall In Comics,MOVIES ANIMATED SERIES AND ALSO CROSSOVER, AND ALSO HIS OWN GAME…EVERYWHERE DEADPOOL BREAK THE FOURTH…

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