Pop and Culture #5

Top 5 pirates in pop culture

5. Blackbeard: Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard, was a famous notorious English pirate. With his crew, he terrorized merchant ships in the Atlantic and the Caribbean in the early 18th century, a period known as the Golden Age of Piracy, Blackbeard is a recurring character in pop culture,


4. Long John silver : Long John Silver is the book’s most powerful and developed character and he is the main antagonist in the novel ‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson. The most colourful and complex character in the book, he continues to appear in popular culture. 

Robert Newton as long John silver

3. Captain Morgan: Sir Henry Morgan was a popular icon and legendary Welsh privateer and a Pirate Lord of the Brethren Court. During the late 1680s, He is one of the most notorious and successful privateers in history, and Captain Morgan is also a popular rum brand produced by British alcohol conglomerate Diageo.

Captain Morgan

2.Captain hook: Antagonist in J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan (1904), Captain James Hook is a villainous pirate captain of the Jolly Roger brig, and lord of the pirate village in Neverland He is emotionally vulnerable and he typically acts as a menacing and cunning villain who never gives up on his pursuits particularly his desire to get revenge on Peter Pan. He is also a murderous character, almost to an extreme extent…

Disney’s captain Hook

*Honourable Mention; One-Eyed Willie : William B. Pordobel, better known as One-Eyed Willy was the pirate captain of the ship, Inferno. In The Goonies (1985), for mine his appearance is so disturbing appearance, One-Eyed Willie is the driving force behind Mikey and his gang, he is one of the cruel pirate in pop culture…

One eyed willy

1. Finally the most favourite pirate in pop culture……

CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW : Jack Sparrow is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, jack is most humourous and drunken pirate, his attitude is the most favourite for everyone especially the walk, he is excellent sword and marksmanship with a gun, it’s clear that Jack has mastered the tools of a pirate’s trade kids also can relate to the jack sparrow…

Johnny Depp as jack sparrow

Who is your favourite pirate? commant it 😁

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